Mr 2%
resolving shareholder deadlock

Simply the best way to run an equally split  limited company

If you are a 50/50 company, where decisions cannot easily be taken when there is fundamental disagreement, then you need Mr2percent !

Lawyer and mediator Graham Ross, who specialises in helping shareholders resolve their disputes, is given a small shareholding in the company sufficient to break through a stalemate (in a 2 person 50/50 company that would be a 1% shareholding by each party giving Graham 2%.)

By agreement, Graham undertakes never to submit a vote save in very limited circumstances where agreed by all shareholders. Graham's shareholding will be in a separate class so that he is not entitled to  any dividend except if unanimously agreed  by all shareholders. Graham also commits to transfer the shares back to all of the original holders for a nominal £1 at any time that such is requested by any one or more of the shareholders.    

Graham remains available as an independent legal  advisor/mediator  to the Company on terms set out in the Agreement. 

...or, as an alternative, try Shareholder Mediation

We assist directors and shareholders to resolve their disputes in a much faster and less costly fashion than by pursuing legal remedies through the courts and tribunals or simply arguing between themselves or, worse, not speaking to each other.

Mediation is the name given to a process for facilitating the resolution of disputes without the delay, cost, anxiety and risks associated with asking a judge  to determine the matter. Importantly the mediator can often help the parties reach a creative solution that no judge has the power to impose.

The key elements are:-

 1. A mediator, acting impartially, engages the parties in a series of confidential discussions, some being private with each party and others being joint.

 2.The mediator does not impose a solution on the parties, but by increasing the knowledge of all parties as to what may happen if no agreement is reached, reducing misunderstandings, offering options and encouraging collaborative brainstorming, he assists them to come to their own solution.

 3. All discussions are confidential to the mediation and, further, nothing said in private discussion with a party alone can be revealed to the other party save with the express consent of the first party. This dual confidentiality allows people to be totally frank with the mediator without fear that what is said may be transmitted to the other party(ies) is a key factor that makes mediation so successful.

Importantly, we can mediate wholly or partially online as well as use AI powered tools that can help the parties more easily reach agreement,

...or let Graham be your strategist and negotiator

Disputes between shareholders usually persist because one or other, or more often both, of the parties do not fully and totally understand all of the rules of corporate governance, the rights and duties of each person, the options each has and, importantly, the damage each can individually suffer in the absence of reaching a fair and sensible agreement. 

It is helpful to ensure before you engage in a negotiation, that you have decided on your objective and on a clear strategy to adopt. As well as actively assisting clients in reaching a resolution, Graham also can, by way of alternative, provide a written Negotiation Strategy Report for shareholders who wish to negotiate themselves. 

Recent High Court Decision Invalidates Decisions by Most Sole Directors.

 If you are a sole director in a company regulated by the Model Articles then, as a result of a recent High Court case, and until you make changes to the Articles, all decisions taken by you will be invalid in law. This can have a number of adverse consequences.  

What Graham's Clients Say....

"Graham has a lot of knowledge and experience in mediation and helped us massively. Would definitely recommend." 
Liam - London 

"Graham is extremely knowledgable, & was able to help me with a very difficult business situation I thought had no solution. Highly recommend." 

"Was recommended to speak to Graham via a forum and I am so glad I spoke with him. He has got us out of a very difficult decision with regards to the call of an EGM and multiple director dismissals with fantastic advice and a full review of our articles. There isn't much Graham didn't know when it comes to company law, which made our argument easier to put into practise and even harder to fights against for the opposition. We continue to use his services and I would highly recommend anyone with a company dispute, who want to avoid huge court bills, to contact Graham at 'See you out of court'!" 
Tony - Kent 

"Graham helped resolve a complex and acrimonious company dispute which otherwise might have led to a costly court case. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others." 
Jonathan - Bristol 

"I cannot recommend Graham's services highly enough. His calm, thoughtful, knowledgeable professionalism managed against all the odds to bring a successful mediated resolution to our protracted and bitter shareholder dispute." 
Paul - Pembrokeshire 

"The service, guidance and support received from Graham throughout my company exit negotiations was second to none and I was very satisfied with the final outcome. I would recommend Graham to anyone with a boardroom dispute.”
 Bob - Essex 

"We found ourselves in a particularly difficult position with plans for expansion being stymied by a Shareholder and Director who had become completely distant from all aspects of the business. Graham Ross guided us through a strategy and was pivotal in our boardroom during a long day of negotiating. All parties ended up shaking hands on a deal which left us all happy and we are now forging ahead with our expansion. If it weren't for Graham we would almost certainly have ended up in court and fighting a bitter battle." 
Jeremy - London 

"I have had the pleasure of using Graham's services on a number of times, and have always had a solution that probably would not have happened had the problems gone legal. I have always found Graham to be efficient, conscientious and extremely thorough exploring avenues you wouldn’t even think about,. I would recommend him to anybody.
Michael - Burnley is a service of Graham Ross

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